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Clutter.  The dreaded “C” word.  It’s something that we all have had to deal with at one point or another over the course of our lives.  While most of us are fortunate enough to be upwardly mobile enough to be able to purchase stuff (in some cases, lots and lots of stuff!), oftentimes we don’t notice how much stuff we are actually accumulating until a change arises which forces us to jettison some of that stuff: moving, spring cleaning, etc.  


It’s nice to have and keep stuff.  A lot of it either serves a practical purpose in our daily lives, or has some sort of sentimental value attached to it.  But that doesn’t apply to everything.  A lot of it is just clutter.  And after doing a bit of research, we’re here to tell you that clutter isn’t necessarily a good thing.  Matter of fact, there are quite a few side effects that go along with all that extra stuff you keep around once your basic needs are met.  The excess clutter even has a way of taking a toll on your mental, physical, physiological, and emotional well-being.  Consider these examples and ask yourself how many you have encountered:


  • Stress and frustration when you can’t find something you need when you need it

  • Feeling inept because you know that you “should” be cleaning out some of the clutter, but you don’t.

  • Added stress when some of the clutter is tied to items which hold sentimental value.

  • Physical stress resulting in having to maneuver around your living space in order to avoid the clutter.

  • Spiritual stress due to the clutter clouding your judgement.


The good news is that all of these are simply side effects, and can be taken care of in one way: removing some of that clutter!  Don’t believe us?  Here are some added benefits to keeping your living space clear that will prove to be well worth the effort:


  • Clearing clutter provides more mental clarity and focus  Your home and consumer habits are often a mirror of your emotional state.  So think clean house equals clean mind!  Also an added bonus: less stuff in your house to worry about means more time to focus on the other aspects of your life that truly matter.

  • Less excess also means less physical and emotional stress.  You can find things easier, not have to worry about stepping over/around/on things, and you can take pride in the appearance of your home once again.  Free space is peaceful space!

  • Clearing that space can help you essentially “re-write” your life.  As stated before, the things you own are not only a reflection of your current emotional state, they are also a large window into your past as well.  Whether the items are representative of past experiences, or something you aspired to be yet fell short, they all potentially represent triggers for negativity and regret.  Set yourself free and start living again!

Got clutter?  Well the good news is that clutter is something that we thrive on.  So help us help you: give us a call and we’ll help you get started on freeing up some of your living space.  We’d like nothing better!